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Thank you for your interest in interning with the Atlanta Dream Center (ADC)! Please complete this application along with a copy of your resume and a cover letter (or you can email a copy of those to

After we have received all your application documents and have reviewed them, someone from our leadership team will contact you if we would like to move forward with an interview. More information may be requested if you are accepted. Thank you!

To be completed separately: Online Background Check FormSigned E-forms (Please review and sign): Release, Statement of Faith, Volunteer Expectations, Waiver, and Confidentiality Agreement. and interview with one of our staff.

It is important that each volunteer finds a way to contribute that will be mutually beneficial for her/him and for the organization. We look forward to working with you to find the best fit!



“My internship with Out of Darkness at the Atlanta Dream Center this summer was amazing! I had the opportunity to learn more about my future career field by gaining experience working with the survivors of sexual exploitation. Along with that, the Dream Center allowed me to come be apart of something greater than myself and witness what God is doing in Atlanta.”

– Cassandra M, Out of Darkness Intern

The best part about the internship was getting to meet some of the best kids in the world. They have such an amazing hunger for more of life than what they see. And it is so rewarding being able to help them get a glimpse of what their God given potential is in life. Even though we only get to interact with them for a little time, the impact we leave with them will last their entire lives!

– Adam D, Metro Kidz

Interning at OOD was one of the greatest experiences for me to see how a successful nonprofit is conducted. I was able to see the behind the scenes work of OOD and how many people are needed to make a nonprofit run. I loved getting to meet all of the staff and they made me feel so loved! I am thankful for my time interning at OOD!

– Sarah S, Out of Darkness Intern

During my time at the Atlanta Dream Center, I learned how to see God through the face of children. Working with Metro Kidz gave me the opportunity to grow as a human and as a follower of Christ. I am so thankful for the internship experience and to get to be a part of such a special and vital ministry.

-Lydia C, Metro Kidz Intern

Throughout my summer working alongside iAM, I truly saw Jesus’ heart for the broken and homeless in action. I was able to witness Andrew, Alia, and Nick sacrifice themselves consistently for those in need, not only on weekly outreach, but daily. Through observing the case management process, I learned how to better discern what individuals struggling with homelessness truly need and, with it, how to love each man, woman, and child in such situations uniquely. I also learned how to communicate and encourage department betterment and organization, and hope to take these skills into other ministry opportunities and work communities in the future!

– Taylor B., iAM intern


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