breaking the cycle of hopelessness


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“better to build boys and girls than to repair men and women.”

– Frederick Douglass

Metro Kids: the childrens ministry of the Atlanta Dream Center

Across the city of Atlanta, there are children who are hurting. They are surrounded day in and day out with poverty and hopelessness, drug abuse, violence and crime. As a result, they are prone to academic failure, behavioral problems and poor nutrition.

In a few years, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and juvenile delinquency will become the norm among these precious ones. We are determined to stand in the gap for these children.

Our Metro Kids ministry employs a number of creative solutions to reach, restore and rescue these children. By taking action now, we are breaking the cycle of hopelessness among these youth and their families. At the Dream Center, we believe that it is “better to build boys and girls than to repair men and women.”

For this reason, the Metro Kids team brings spiritual, emotional and academic support to hundreds of children and their families through weekly sidewalk Sunday school, discipleship, and an early learning program. Through group mentoring that focuses on sharing the love of God and regular “Kids Day Out” events, the children are encouraged to see their potential and place in a world beyond their current circumstances.

The children impacted by Metro Kids are freed from the cycle of hopelessness. They know who they are in Christ, and they have a future bright with hope.


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Kids Club is a Christ-centered discipleship program for at-risk kids (ages 4-12). Through intentional time together in the Word, worship, prayer, and team-building activities, Kids Club aims to instill in each child a holistic understanding of who God is and how to live out their identity as a Son or Daughter of the King – growing spiritually, building healthy relationships, and rising up as leaders to have an eternal impact on their communities.

TIME: Every Thursday 5:30 PM to 8 PM


Through our group mentorship program, Huddles, we seek to do more than preach a message, we look to be the Message. Each Huddle, our kids are exposed to new skills, activities, and experiences and coached on how to build healthy, Christ-centered relationships in the context of a safe, caring community. By disciplining the kids in this way, we invite God into the ordinary, everyday things and walk alongside each kid through real life challenges and celebrations.

TIME: Every Tuesday 5:45 PM to 7:45 PM

H.O.P.E. Central Early Learning Program

H.O.P.E. Central is an early learning program with a dual focus to introduce 3 and 4 year old children to the social, behavioral, academic, and spiritual skills needed to seamlessly transition into Pre-Kindergarten and to equip parents with the tools to bring their children’s education into the home.

TIME: Every Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Adopt-A-Block is our opportunity to reach out to the families of the kids we see during the week. We visit them in their homes and really get to know them and what’s going on in their lives. Adopt-A-Block was the first ministry started at the Dream Center and has been our largest outreach since then.

TIME: Saturdays from 10am – 1pm

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