Metro Kidz is the prevention ministry of the Atlanta Dream Center

Across the city of Atlanta, there are children who are hurting. They are surrounded day in and day out with poverty and hopelessness, drug abuse, violence and crime. As a result, they are prone to academic failure, behavioral problems and poor nutrition. In a few years, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and juvenile delinquency will become the norm among these precious ones. We are determined to stand in the gap for these children.

Metro KidzOur Metro Kidz ministry employs a number of creative solutions to reach, restore and rescue these children. By taking action now, we are breaking the cycle of hopelessness among these youth and their families. At the Dream Center, we believe that it is “better to build boys and girls than to repair men and women.”

For this reason, the Metro Kidz team brings spiritual, emotional and academic support to hundreds of children and their families through weekly in-home visitation, Sidewalk Sunday School and academic tutoring. Through one-on-one mentoring that focuses on sharing the love of God and regular “Kids Day Out” events, the children are encouraged to see their potential and place in a world beyond their current circumstances. The children impacted by Metro Kidz are freed from the cycle of hopelessness. They know who they are in Christ, and they have a future bright with hope.ae90d31869_hopecentral-01


We are excited to be launching H.O.P.E. Central, an elementary school, in August 2017! H.O.P.E. Central will be a part of Metro Kidz with a mission of cultivating learners who pursue Christ through education. With academic failure being one of the leading causes of homelessness, addiction, and children not knowing their worth, H.O.P.E Central is a safe place to grow and excel in academics and identity in Christ. CLICK HERE to learn more about H.O.P.E Central. If you would like to invest in H.O.P.E Central, click here to donate.

  • Men
    • To reach, rescue and restore men that have experienced great brokenness, that the glory of God may be known.

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  • Women
    • To reach, rescue, and restore all victims of commercial sexual exploitation, that the glory of God may be known.

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  • Children
    • To reach, rescue and restore at-risk children, that the glory of God may be known.

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